5 ways a Servaclean bar is sustainable

5 ways a Servaclean bar is sustainable

What is the quality of the product and will it last?

Servaclean design and manufacture high quality bar counters and mobile bars,  all of which are manufactured from 304 grade 18/8 stainless steel renowned for its durability and longevity  providing a ‘Bar for Life’

Are any of  the products manufactured from a renewable source?

Servaclean’s ‘GLASShelf’ has been proven to be one of the most hygienic ways of storing glasses thanks to a microbiological report verified by Sheffield Halam University.  Manufactured from food quality stainless steel and steel dip coated in hygienic Rilsan ®PA11 polymer produced from Castor Oil a 100% renewable resource.

Can the Bar Counter be altered?

Whilst each bar is individually designed to provide the best operational needs, the sustainable advantage of a Servaclean ‘BARFrame’ system is that it is fully interchangeable, enabling venues to alter their bars to keep up with current trends at a fraction of the cost both financially and environmentally.

Can the Bar Counter be refurbished?

For anyone owning a Servaclean bar, we offer a ‘Re-Use’ service.  A bar counter is fully dismantled by our experience installation team, returned to our warehouse for hygienic Ultra Sonic cleaning and full refurbishment. We are then able to re-install to the original or newly designed layout at a fraction of the As New Price.

For customers on a tight budget, we have a small range of refurbished items which we can offer to help with cashflow.

How green is the company you are buying from?

Servaclean are very aware of environmental issues and we are continually striving to reduce our carbon footprint. All packaging is returned from site and either reused or recycled, our company cars are hybrids, all office and warehouse lights have been converted to LED and we have a water machine to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions be implemented on all businesses we have be able to reassess our working procedures and reduce our business travel, reduce our energy usage and convert to a paperless way of working.

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