Get Ready for a Jam-Packed Summer of Sports 2024: Tips for Bar Owners

This summer, there’s a host of exciting sports events happening all at once!  With the Olympics, Euros and Wimbledon coming together, bars have a fantastic chance to attract sports fans.  As people head to bars to catch these thrilling events, it’s crucial for bar owners to be well-prepared.  Here are some simple tips to ensure your bar is ready to serve the crowds quickly …

How Staycations Can Unlock the Hospitality Industry’s Potential

As the cost of living crisis continues to impact individuals and families, the hospitality industry faces both challenges and opportunities. 

In the search for affordable local getaways, the importance of pubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels cannot be underestimated. With economic uncertainties, the rise of staycations offers a great chance for these businesses to adapt and thrive. 

Servaclean are experts in designing custom commercial bars. Our team …

Maximising Efficiency and Profit in a Limited Space

Operating a successful bar can be challenging, but it’s especially difficult when you’re working with limited space.  It becomes essential to make the most of what space you have so that you can accommodate customers and maximise the bar’s operations.

Servaclean takes great care to understand your specific requirements to create a tailor-made commercial bar system.  Every Servaclean bar project is allocated a designated Project …

Why the Perfect Pour Matters

With the continuous growth in the premium and craft beer market and an increasing preference among consumers for high-quality beer, it is important for bars to look at every aspect of their beer serving process.

This involves not only expanding and promoting a diverse range of draught, canned, and bottled beers but also ensuring consistent quality through hygiene, serving times and careful pouring techniques.

Despite the …

The Importance of Hand Hygiene for Bartenders

In the fast-paced world of bartending, creating exquisite cocktails and serving customers with a smile is an art. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of mixing, shaking, and pouring, bartenders often overlook one crucial aspect of their job: hand hygiene.
Why is it important to perform hand hygiene?
Ensuring the safety of customers and staff, bartenders must prioritise hand hygiene. In a fast-paced bar environment, handling …

New Bar Systems for Christmas 2023: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Invest

It might be hard to believe, but Christmas is just around the corner again. For businesses, now is the time to get organised, as going into the festive period fully prepared can make a significant difference to profitability and new bar systems are an excellent solution.

Families, friends, and all consumers are looking forward to a time of get-togethers and enjoyment, and one of the …

Bar and Restaurant Refurbishment vs. Refit: Which Is Better?

When it comes to giving a new lease of life to bars and restaurants, owners often face a crucial decision, refurbishment vs. refit.  Both options offer the opportunity to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the establishment, attracting more customers and improving overall business success.

At Servaclean, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean, profitable and inviting environment, so we’ll also touch on how …

Is Stainless Steel Sustainable?

Sustainability and environmental impact continue to be leading and driving factors across every industry in the 21st century. The same is true for stainless steel production, with more companies and organisations concerned with the impact of the materials they use in manufacturing.

Stainless steel, a versatile and widely used alloy, raises questions about its sustainability credentials.

Servaclean has broken down all the main factors that need considering …

What to consider behind your bar

When it comes to designing behind your bar, there are some essential items that are required to provide your customers with a positive experience.

Servaclean have listed some of the key things to consider below:

Key points to consider when planning a new bar system?

Knowing the demographic and market of your establishment will allow you to ensure your bar counter is designed to meet …

How to Craft the Perfect Cocktail Menu

The world of cocktails can be an overwhelming landscape for the uninitiated. There is a vast array of options with countless mixers, spirits, and combinations to choose from.

If you’re seeking to build your own cocktail menu, either for your bar or at home, there are five essentials to get right.

With all things, research is crucial and here at Servaclean we know a thing or two about …

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