Bar Design & Planning

BARPlan is a FREE professional bar design, planning and fitting service focussed specifically on the individual operating needs of any type of bar.

Bar design specialists

As bar design specialists, making sure that everything fits and is in precisely the right place has always been key to achieving maximum efficiency behind the bar and our FREE BARPlan service has been developed to do exactly that.

“The Servaclean team were first class from start to finish. The design process was detailed and thorough.” Mick Hill, Property Manager, Camerons Brewery Ltd.

Bespoke bar design

BARPlan bar design and planning leaves no questions unanswered.

We listen to the bar operator’s requirements to produce a bespoke bar design– how they want the bar to operate, their product offer, the maximum customer capacity, etc.– and plan a layout to maximise efficiency and therefore profits.

“The increase in ‘speed of service’ from the new bars has made almost instant return on investment.” Eric May, Head of Club Development, The Deltic Group Ltd.

Bar design drawings

Three dimensional CAD drawings to illustrate our initial proposals are provided with an accompanying quotation.

“Servaclean’s CAD drawings are particularly helpful in bringing together all the building, services and equipment contractors so that everyone knows exactly what is required when constructing the bar counter and associated facilities.” Anneke Laux Grainer, Creative Chief, Geronimo Inns Ltd and Young & Co’s Brewery Plc.


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