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Everything we do at Servaclean is dedicated to achieving the best possible working environment behind-the-bar with purpose designed stainless steel bar equipment to help staff serve their customers as quickly as cleanly and in as friendly a manner as possible.

Bar Consultants – Design, Manufacture and Installation

  • We have a team of experienced project co-ordinators just an email or phone call away ready to assist you with your new or refurbishment bar project.


  • Once the bar operating requirements are understood we will provide you with a free, professionally planned proposal, complete with detailed CAD layout drawings to show exactly how the layout & products will help you achieve an efficient bar service to maximise turnover and profit.


  • After the operating layout is approved and an order confirmed, we will then co-ordinate with your site contractors and complete any required pre-installation checks and site visits to ensure a trouble-free installation of the bar system.


  • Once the bar is in operation one of our area Project Co-ordinators will visit site to commission the bar installation and provide operational training to help operating staff get the most from your Servaclean system.

Purpose Designed Products

  • ‘BARFrame’ Counter Building System
    Our ‘BARFrame’ structure provides strong and secure support for decorative front panelling and counter tops, has dedicated ducts for all required services and cableplate support for power data cables & sockets.


  • GLASShelf (see above photo)
    Our patented design supports glasses with only pin-point rim contact. The Integral stainless steel drip tray protects the level below and slides out to wipe clean. Microbiological tests show ‘GLASShelf’ to be the most hygienic method of storing glassware available.


  • TILLShelf
    Adjustable till support shelf with a separate compartment for the cash drawer to protect it from spills and splashes. Both levels adjust to different heights to accommodate future changes of till screen or cash drawer sizes.


  • ICEChest
    Fully insulated ice storage keeps ice and fruit slices fresh for hours. Slot in dividers create separate compartments for cubed and crushed ice, chilled wine bottles and juice pourers. Hook on ‘LIQUORack’ (for bottle storage), condiment rails complete a drinks mixing facility ready to provide a professional cocktail service.


  • BARSink
    Space saving compact designs come complete with taps, traps & waste fittings. Hand wash basins include a liquid soap dispenser and towel roll holder.
    Our PREPSink unit is purpose designed for cocktail operations and comes with a chopping board for fruit slicing, waste tray and glass refresher spray.


  • We have a dedicated installation team who ensure that your approved bar is installed quickly, minimising any disruption on site.


  • If you wish to self-assemble, the installation of a ‘BARFrame’ structure and fitments is straight forward. Following the assembly instructions provided, two persons should be able to assemble and level a typical 6 metre bar within half a day.


  • The Servaclean structure is assembled using just a ‘Pozi’ screwdriver. Every fitment comes with the necessary stainless steel screws to complete the installation.

Speak with us

Servaclean will help achieve the best possible bar operation for your business. If you would like to know more you can get in touch with us using the button below or calling our team on 01274 390038. We offer a FREE Bar Planning Service and can also provide assistance and support within the early stages of any bar refurbishment project. More information can also be found in our product brochure.

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