Bottle Coolers

The best quality bar drink coolers

Keeping drinks cool is essential when it comes to operating a pub, club, restaurant, hotel or any type of bar venue. With an impressive range of undercounter bar fridges, pub fridges and bar bottle coolers from Servaclean, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality when it comes to serving customers quickly in a busy bar and maximising efficiency for bar staff.

 Bottle Cooler Benefits:

•  An extensive standard range of undercounter bar bottle cooler cabinets and undercounter bar fridges available glazed or solid, single, double and triple doors.

•  Pass through and see through commercial bottle cooler fridge cabinets for your bar where access or display is required from both front and rear.

•  High capacity, upright cabinets with single or double doors.

•  Horizontal, top loading coolers for speedy service of high volume or promotional product lines.

•  A spectacular range of bar Wine Cabinets to display and serve wines at their best – having microprocessor controlled, single or dual temperatures for white and red wines.

•  Quality construction for your bar bottle coolers in either stainless steel or coated steel finish.

•  Custom made bar bottle coolers available if the standard ranges will not meet your precise operating needs.

Commercial Bar Cooler Range:

• Undercounter bar fridge

• Single door bottle coolers

• Double door bottle coolers

• Three door commercial bar fridges

• Wine fridge bar cabinets

• Back bar coolers with glass doors

• Stainless steel beer bottle coolers or wine bottle coolers

• Perfect Compliment to our BARFrame Stainless Steel Bars

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