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Indoor and Outdoor Commercial Bars

With over 34 years of experience, Servaclean is able to provide a wide range of commercial bar services to ensure your new bar counter meets the demand of both your customers and also your staff.

Our bespoke modular bar system allows every bar to be individually designed and all fitments are interchangeable allowing the flexibility for future redesign to ensure you are always on-trend.

The Servaclean team are highly experienced and work closely with main contractors, project managers, architects and interior designers to ensure on time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Why choose a stainless steel bar system?

From pubs and restaurants to hotels, nightclubs and event venues, you need a bar that suits your operating needs, serving customers faster and improving productivity for bar staff. With the Servaclean BARFrame stainless steel bar structure, you get the best from your bar with purpose-designed equipment.

A Servaclean modular bar system allows you to combine all the units you want from cocktail stationsbottle coolers and glasswash stations with the option of moving components around to maximise efficiency.

Our commercial modular bar systems can be made bespoke for your requirements, for projects across the whole of the UK, Europe and Worldwide, with our free bar design service for behind bar equipment that offers a practical, hygienic and stylish solution that supports any bar counter and front panelling.

The Servaclean range of fitments:

•  Purpose designed for every operation behind-the-bar.

•  Easy to clean and built to last for many years with minimal care.

•  All Servaclean systems are manufactured from food quality stainless steel and steel drip coated in hygienic ‘Rilsan’ polymer, a sustainable product. A Servaclean commercial bar is a bar for life

•  Choice of up to 14 standard sizes available ex-stock for quick delivery.

•  Screw fixed as part of the Servaclean stainless steel bar systems or separately, in a timber bar structure.

Designed for any type of bar

•  BARFrame Structure with screw together assembly.

•  Supports any type of counter top and front panelling.

•  Suitable for all shapes and sizes for bar counter.

•  Manufactured entirely from food quality 304 grade 18/8 stainless steel.

•  Under bar design and service ducts for all pipework, power and data cabling.

•  Dedicated installation team who ensure your Servaclean bar is quickly and efficiently installed.

Servaclean ‘BARFrame’ commercial bars

Every Servaclean fitment has been created and is purpose designed to fulfil a specific function ‘behind-the-bar’.

Hygienic glass storage shelves with easy to clean slide out driptrays, cocktail stations, coffee stations and glasswash stations – all fully interchangeable within the BARFrame system to keep up with current consumer drink trends.

Manufactured from high quality, food-handling grades of stainless steel and polymer coated steel, individual fitments are available in a wide range of different sizes and combine to provide exactly the right mix of facilities in the creation of any style of bar servery. No other bar building system can match the versatility of the Servaclean product.

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Bar Consultants – Design, Manufacture and Installation

Working closely with architects, designers and their services contractors inspired us to develop a bar counter building system which is quick and easy to assemble; strong and secure enough to support all kinds of decorative materials forming almost any shape of bar counter; and carefully designed to accommodate evermore sophisticated cooling devices, drinks dispensers and the many other items of equipment required to meet the varied demands of today’s drinking customers.

Everything we do at Servaclean is dedicated to achieving the best possible operating environment in which bar staff can serve their customers as quickly, as cleanly and in as friendly a manner as possible.

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Servaclean will help achieve the best possible bar operation for your business. If you would like to know more you can get in touch with us using the button below or calling our team on 01274 390038. We offer a FREE Bar Planning Service and can also provide assistance and support within the early stages of any commercial bar refurbishment project. More information can also be found in our product brochure.

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