Bar Hygiene

Maintaining a clean and tidy bar is essential for health, safety, food hygiene, and customer care, reflecting your operation’s organization. Increasing awareness of EHO regulations emphasizes the importance of hygiene.
Here, we show how Servaclean bars help keep your facility spotless and hygienic.

Our Hygiene Report

Servaclean’s ‘GLASShelf’ is unique. It has been proven to be the most hygienic way to store glasses after washing. The glassware remains clean until next used.

Our Microbiological Report – see here – was originally completed by Sheffield Polytechnic in October 1989. The report has since been verified as a robust study and the original data/results were endorsed in June 2020 by Sheffield Hallam University, one of the leading universities in microbiology.

The results show that glasses stored on a Servaclean ‘GLASShelf’, 24 hours after washing, had a non-detected germ count proving that the pinpoint contact between our specially coated wire shelf and the glass rim maintains glass hygiene until next used – this result applies to all germs.


Our unique open framework design allows excellent ventilation & airflow reducing germ harbouring moisture.

All equipment and services can be accessed easily and quickly.

Clean under, behind, everywhere – dirt, viruses and germs have nowhere to hide.

All fitments can be easily removed for a deep clean as and when required.

The stainless steel structure and components are manufactured from food quality 304 grade stainless steel.


Our patented design supports glasses with pin-point rim contact.

The wire shelving components are dip-coated in Rilsan® PA11 (a high performance food quality Polymer).

Rilsan tolerates temperatures much hotter than boiling water and doesn’t crack or peel.

Rilsan® PA11 is produced from castor oil – a 100% renewable source.

Each shelf has a stainless steel drip tray to protect the level below from spills & splashes and easily slides out to wipe clean.


All our hand wash sinks are fitted with lever style mixer taps for single hand operation.

The design includes an integral soap dispenser.

A paper towel roll holder and paper towel are provided to ensure hygiene maintenance.

Manufactured from food quality 304 grade stainless steel.

Things to look for and avoid.

Our Microbiological Investigation showed that germs started to grow within the 24 hour incubation period on surfaces such as:

If you would like to discuss in more detail how having a Servaclean bar at your venue can help you be more hygienic, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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