Why the Perfect Pour Matters

Why the Perfect Pour Matters

With the continuous growth in the premium and craft beer market and an increasing preference among consumers for high-quality beer, it is important for bars to look at every aspect of their beer serving process.

This involves not only expanding and promoting a diverse range of draught, canned, and bottled beers but also ensuring consistent quality through hygiene, serving times and careful pouring techniques.

Despite the world changing significantly over the past 35 years of Servaclean trading, the requirement for a good beer every time remains as high as ever.  Customers are looking for a flavoursome pint served in a clean glass and our founding principle of Serva-A-Clean glass started back in 1988 and rings true just as strongly today.

Servaclean launched with one main aim to provide environments where bartenders could, with confidence, pull and serve the perfect pint in a clean glass every time – the Servaclean GLASShelf allows this.  Designed to be simple to use, easy to clean and allow glasses to dry and cool quickly in natural air circulation therefore no need to dry and drain separately.  Glasses have pin-point contact with the wire top shelf allowing unrestricted air circulation to keep glasses sparkling clean and fresh both inside and out.  Easy to install into either our Full Bar System or into timber divisions, the GLASShelf is made to last a lifetime and will survive those unavoidable wet and sticky behind-the-bar conditions for decades.

Whilst technology has advanced and drinking habits have changed, GLASShelf has been proven to be the most hygienic way of making sure no germs sit on the glass so the beer is not contaminated in any way.  A robust study verified in June 2020 by Sheffield Hallam University shows Servaclean GLASShelf to be the most hygienic way to store glasses after washing.

The demographic of the drinker has also changed with the younger generation looking for more than just a drink. Now it is an entertainment business for the whole pint; from the tap, into the glass and the presentation impacting the whole experience. The bar itself has changed to include branded drink dispense trays and a real focus on refrigeration to ensure each beer is served at optimum temperature in the best way possible.

Servaclean Bars are also built to adapt and embrace new technology with continuous product development, ensuring we can cater for all python sizes within our integral service duct in our BARFrame system.  Manufactured from high quality 304 grade stainless steel, our modular and interchangeable system is designed to be able to cater for any current trends.

In summary, embracing the premium and craft beer category not only meets the growing demands of consumers but also presents an opportunity to enhance the overall guest experience, thereby benefiting your business in terms of increased footfall and revenue.

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