The Boathouse Inn, Saltaire

The Boathouse Inn, Saltaire

“Servaclean is proud to continue its longstanding working relationship with The Boathouse Inn, Saltaire.  From its inception in 2009 to its latest refurbishment in 2023, we have seen the venue go from strength to strength.  It is an iconic venue for the community and our state-of-the-art bar system will help continue its success.” – Neil Britton, Project Manager.

The Boathouse Inn History

The Boathouse Inn on the banks of the River Aire overlooks Roberts Park in the World Heritage Site of Saltaire and has been a local favourite since its opening in 2009.

The building’s history goes back far further than that, though, as it was first constructed in 1871 and originally served as a pub in the early 20th century but found itself abandoned before its current owners took over.  As such, Servaclean understood the importance of getting the bar design right for the owners and public alike.

Servaclean’s Work on The Boathouse Inn

Servaclean has a long history with The Boathouse stretching back to when the owner, Jas Bhatt, first took over the location in 2009 and we installed our stainless steel bar systems into the newly refurbished and restored building.

The Boxing Day Floods 2015

Sadly, in 2015, the pub was damaged in the Boxing Day floods, leading to 3–4 feet of water making its way into the premises.  The Boathouse wasn’t the only building affected, as thousands of homes and businesses were caught up in the floods, causing more than £100 million in damage.

The owners of The Boathouse quickly took advantage of the Servaclean Reconditioning Service and the bar system was recovered in early 2016, ultrasonically cleaned, refurbished, and stored at Servaclean while The Boathouse building dried out and the fit-out contractors repaired flood damage.  The Servaclean bar was later reinstalled during the summer. Thankfully, The Boathouse Inn opened its doors again in time for Christmas that year.

Servaclean’s 2023 Refurbishment of The Boathouse Inn

Proposals for The Boathouse Inn’s latest refurbishment were drawn up in late 2022 to allow for the bar to be extended to include an added coffee machine.  The Servaclean Bar Counter was recovered for a 2nd time, similarly, cleaned via ultrasonic cleaning, and refurbished for re-installation at a fraction of the AS NEW price.

Stainless steel is durable, and by recovering and refitting the previous full bar system, it saved time and money for The Boathouse Inn.  In addition to its extension, during the refit, Servaclean could improve the functionality of the bar system and upgrade the equipment to current standards.

Closing on 5th June 2023, to allow refurbishment work to commence, the new Servaclean Bar Counter layout was installed on 19th June 2023 ahead of The Boathouse Inn’s reopening on 30th June 2023 following the completion of the £200K investment.

Servaclean’s Reconditioning Service

The reconditioning service is something we pride ourselves on.  We understand the importance of this service being delivered quickly, with a cost saving benefit for the respective businesses.  The longevity and flexibility of Servaclean products provide a sustainable bar for life.




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