Why should you invest in your bar?

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Why should you invest in your bar?

As the Government continues to open up covid-19 restrictions, the hospitality sector is working through a roadmap set out for how they can allow customers back into their venue, which started with outdoor service that commenced a few weeks ago and now back indoors.

The first step saw a surge in bars and restaurants taking outdoor bookings and has, in some cases, caused them to have to turn people away due to the high demand. As a result, some are now considering investing in their bar, both outdoor options and their fixed internal servery, to meet the demands of their paying customers.

The roadmap itself caused some people heartache as they looked to juggle the investment of an outdoor bar (perhaps for just five weeks) against their losses since the pandemic started over a year ago. Others have seen this as a huge opportunity for them to improve their venue and provide a better overall offering. Having a second bar outside can make it easier to serve your customers and, now that they are allowed to return indoors, give you a second option for serving.  Thus providing a far greater experience for those drinking at your venue, with less queues and, perhaps, people spending more in your venue.

An outdoor bar doesn’t have to be restrictive either. Unlike fixed serveries indoors, you can invest in a movable outdoor bar, with Servaclean’s FOLDABar and Mobile Bars offering the ability to be easily transported. Not only that, these are also available to be used indoors at a later date too, maximising use opportunities and providing a far greater return on investment.

Investment inside, at the same time, could also help you create hygienic and sustainable bars at your venue that will help you to maximise profitability within your bar.

Developing your bar is investing in future customer experience. Investment in your bar will assist with the speed at which you can serve customers, help to maximise profits and provide a great customer experience in the years and decades to come.

Your bar, outdoor or indoor, doesn’t have to be fixed in style either with Servaclean. Our system allows you to interchange between components over time to continually meet the ever-changing demands of your customers.

As you can see, the real question on whether you should invest in your venue is less about lockdown and more about how you meet customer expectations in a sustainable and hygienic way forever, making your bar a hub of the community and your business even more profitable. If you are committed to providing high quality customer service, investing in your bar should be high on your agenda.

Our Free bar planning and design service, quick turnaround times and experience means you can quickly get a bar, tailored to your customers’ needs and current drinking trends to allow you to be ready for the boom in the hospitality industry in the UK.

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