The Rise of the Staycation

The Rise of the Staycation

With the end of another lockdown, many of us have gone online, typed away, and started booking! Meals out, drinks in beer gardens, and trips away are in everyone’s thoughts. But we have all had a year of uncertainty, a year of lockdown extensions and restrictions being changed. This leaves us with the question, do you book home or away? If lots of people stay at home, what does this mean for pubs, bars and restaurants?

With many of our favourite holiday destinations joining us in lockdown, the thoughts of summer in the sun is disappearing from our sights, and holidaying in the UK has become very attractive to many Brits. And why wouldn’t it? Despite some European countries opening borders, there are endless options for staycations here.

Reasons why your customers will choose a staycation holiday

With everything going on at the minute, we all need a smile, but we also need to consider the world around us. With coronavirus and Brexit still hovering above our heads, a staycation is the safest option to holiday in 2021.

Not jumping on a plane to go away means that customers have complete control over how and when they return back home. With travel restriction changing daily and new rules being announced weekly, the assurance and security they need of a holiday is right here in Britain. And there’s no quarantine upon return!

Another obvious reason to holiday in Britain is the money saved on travel costs, which is more money customers could be spending with you on food, drinks and in your venue. With no taxi to the airport or airport parking fees, no flights, no travel insurance, no airport transfer… we could go on; the disposable income continues to grow. No longer watching the pennies, the money could be flowing from their pocket to your bar.

The types of staycation to accommodate for

As well as it being safer, cheaper and less risky, the UK has lots and lots to do. A staycation can please even the hardest of people to please… no matter who you are. There really are endless options to relax and get away from day-to-day life in Britain, no matter who your escape is with, and as a venue owner, you will need to be ready.

The families

Britain is built for the action-packed, the traditional, and the let’s relax family holidays. With most regions having beaches, countrysides, holiday parks, activity centres, and cities, there are endless opportunities for any type of holiday to keep the whole family excited.

The couples

The rise of staycation has created a surge in couples’ opportunities to holiday in the UK. With romantic log cabins dotted all over the country, Spas and luxury hotels located everywhere and anywhere, they have the opportunity to travel to a completely different part of the UK or stay local to you, so how are you going to accommodate for them? Can you offer deals? Can you provide an upgrade service with free breakfast? As we say, get creative and take advantage of couples visiting the Peak District rather than Paris.

The stags

When we have all of these restrictions, planning a stag might not be the wild idea they had originally planned with the likes of Berlin and Vienna off the cards. But they can have as much fun in your venue. The money they had planned to spend on a flight out to a European city can go towards a nicer hotel; here in the UK, an extra night or two, or even a good few more rounds… most importantly, staying in the UK will always keep the bride-to-be a little happier.

The hens

Now, we all know they’re smarter than the boys; and ladies know you can have more fun here than you can abroad. But what staycation are they going to choose?

– Spa weekend away

– Luxury City Break

– Log cabin and a hot tub

– Big girls’ night out?

As an owner, can you add some prosecco bottles, embrace some fancy dress and plan a couple of games, and there you have your hen night out.

The retired vacations

Enjoying a slower pace of life and finally having time to breathe, the UK provides a vast amount of locations to explore and relax. Having the luxury of time to see places they have never seen before, capture their imagination with a warm and cosy venue and they will be delighted to return

How could the rise in staycations benefit Servaclean customers?

With more people staying in the UK, the leisure and hospitality sectors will, of course, have more custom.

Businesses are looking to ‘cash-in’ on the boom and serving customers quickly and efficiently and in a hygienic way is all possible with a Servaclean bar. We have been designing our products with this in mind for over 30 years. Our products are easy to clean and GLASShelf has been scientifically proven to keep glasses spotlessly clean until next used. The interchangeable BARFrame system ensures your bar staff have everything to hand at all times.

With EHO regulations and the recent COVID-19 measures, more and more people are becoming aware of how hygienic and clean places are. A Servaclean stainless steel bar offers far greater hygiene than timber and fabricated bars, providing reassurance to customers on the hunt to eat and drink in venues with a focus on cleanliness.

Servaclean can assist you in maximizing your venue potential

With the hospitality sector looking to maximise turnover this summer, investing in a Servaclean bar will help increase profitability and improve the efficiency of your bar staff. Our extensive options of indoor, outdoor and mobile bars enable us to provide solutions for any location, size, shape or space helping business owners to develop and enhance their venues. Investing in a Servaclean bar for your premises could be the difference between a good summer and a great summer.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of adding a Servaclean bar to your premises, please get in touch with us.

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