Solving Staff Shortages

Solving Staff Shortages

In light of the current national staffing shortage and growing pressure of an increase to the national living wage, together with inflation and rising energy costs, the prospect of recruitment can be daunting to any employer.

As a bar owner, you may be left with the question of whether you should hire more staff to cope with demand and allow your business to grow.  It may seem as though increasing staff numbers is the only way to do this, however Servaclean can offer an alternative ‘out of the box’ solution.

At Servaclean we know that an ergonomically designed bar can substantially improve serving time and efficiency. With over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry we have earned a strong reputation for making the most of behind the bar space.  This has resulted in many businesses increasing profits and, in some cases, reduce their staffing requirements at the same time.

So why does it work?

Our bars offer designated work stations for your staff which are organised, hygienic and easy to clean.  All work stations are customer facing and everything is within arm’s reach resulting in a more efficient workflow and minimising staff cross over allowing quick, easy service and happy customers.

When planning and designing a bar layout, our team carefully listens to customers and their needs, requirements and expectations.  We consider the venue type and customer numbers to calculate the approximate glassware and storage requirements for each individual venue.  By using our modular BARFrame system we are able to individually design each bar counter to maximise the space and provide your staff with everything they require and improve serving times, leading to a higher level of job satisfaction.

If you are currently in the dilemma of deciding if you need more staff or not, take a look behind your current bar and think about the layout. How many times do your staff need to turn around to take payment or find items?  How long at the end of service does it take to clean the bar area?  If cleaning times were reduced, and all items were within arm’s reach for your bar staff, think about how much more efficiently they would be able to work, how quickly the paying customers would get served and how much more additional profit you could make.  If this concept appeals to you, now is the time to make the change.

A bar from Servaclean is the most long-term, cost-effective option that will also last for many years.  Built to allow you to upgrade and boost your business, a Servaclean bar is a commitment worth making.

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