Positive Changes in the Hospitality Industry

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Positive Changes in the Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality sector has shown strength, resilience and flexibility to develop and diversify business models to cope with the ever-changing Covid legislations of the past couple of years.

Below, the team at Servaclean look at some of the positive things that have happened and that are here to stay.

Outside Areas

Outside areas have developed from a couple of basic tables and chairs to bespoke pods, luxury domes with heating, lighting, décor and outdoor bars.

These new investments have been huge hits with the public producing a continental vibe in towns and city centres.  Despite the UK climate not always being conducive to outdoor drinks, it looks like these areas are here to stay.

Diverse offering at Pubs and Bars

Pubs and Bars are now setting up foodie markets in their car parks thus supporting local artisan food and drink companies – many which have grown during this time thanks to local support and social media.

Better Table Serve and Apps for your favourite venues

The use of online booking and ordering significantly developed and increased during the pandemic. Customers now arrive at a venue knowing they definitely have a table, can leisurely order food and drinks, relax and wait for it to arrive at their table.

Changes to UK holidaying

The UK holiday market saw a boom with the rise of the staycation and UK holidaying is going to enjoy another bumper year.  Hospitality venues have become more tech savvy with many offering digital check in and now some hotel chains are offering digital room keys via mobile apps.  After a long journey, not having to queue at reception and been able to head straight to you room must be an advantage.

The Rise of the Takeaway

Many venues have been able to move to providing a takeaway option, keeping themselves trading and staff employed during the pandemic.  Due to this success and an increase in new clientele, large national chains are partnering with businesses likes Deliveroo to offer this as a permanent feature.

Small independent restaurants now provide high quality meals and have changed the perception of the takeaway market.

All the above are real positive changes for the Hospitality industry resulting in an enhanced customer experience for all.

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