Servaclean Strong and Positive for the Future

Servaclean Strong and Positive for the Future

The Covid-19 Pandemic has seen many businesses all over the world adapt their approach to working, and here at Servaclean, we are no different.

We sat down with Servaclean Director Deana Roberts to discover what changes the pandemic has made for Servaclean, how these changes are benefiting the business and any plans for change in the future.

How has Lockdown impacted your business?

Like every business, in or linked with the hospitality industry, Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on Servaclean, some negative but also a lot of positive.

Thanks to the government furlough scheme and grants, we have weathered the storm and are in a strong position going forward.

What good things have come from lockdown?

Thanks to the excellent support of our IT company, we were very quickly able to get our staff up and running to work from home.

The Servaclean team, where possible, adapted to remote working with ease and it very soon became apparent that site meetings can work via video calls and hard copy files held in the office were not required.

Whilst lockdown did impact everyone in some form, not having to deal with the stress of a daily commute was a definite positive for our project team.

How has your businesses changed?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions being implemented on all businesses, we have been able to reassess our working procedures and reduce our business travel, reduce our energy usage and convert to a paperless way of working – all helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

What other changes will you be making?

We are now looking at introducing electronic tablets to our Project Co-Ordinators and installation team which will give us real time data from sites.

We are constantly developing and improving our electronic files and we are hoping to be able to continue to offer staff the flexibility to work from home.

How will these impact and improve the business?

Servaclean is very aware of environmental issues and we are continually striving to reduce our carbon footprint.  Reducing our business miles and converting to electronic files is helping us achieve this.

Like all businesses, Servaclean continues to drive forward and improve our business offering to both customers and our staff. If you would like to discuss a specific bar project with our team, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01274 390038.


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