Servaclean Refit Pair of Young’s Bars in London

Riverside, London bar refit

Servaclean Refit Pair of Young’s Bars in London

London is home to all manner of bars and establishments, and the team at Servaclean were recently delighted to have the opportunity to work on refitting a pair of picturesque waterside bars for Young’s, one of our long-time Clients.

The Waterside and The Riverside were both originally fitted by Servaclean more than ten years ago in 2006 and were due for a redesign and refit. As experts in the field of bar planning and installation, we were a natural choice and set about the process in March this year.

Both bars are owned by Young and Co.’s, who collectively run more than 200 neighbourhood pubs, boutique hotels and city bars in London and the South of England. Servaclean have been working with Young’s for over 25 years, with our first project together completed back in 1993, and we were more than happy to give them a helping hand again with these two bars.

The first step of the refit process was to remove and recover the equipment from both bars, before carrying out a thorough assessment and maintenance of the items we had retrieved. To make sure that the equipment was kept in great condition and suitable for re-use in the new bars, we used ultrasonic cleaning – a method whereby high frequency sound waves are used together with water and solvent to remove contaminants and ensure a high-quality clean – on all used equipment.

Now restored to “as new” condition, we moved the refurbished units into Young’s re-use storage, upon which we then assessed how much of the equipment would be suitable for use within the new layouts of both bars. Thanks to our extensive recovery and cleaning process, we were able to re-use over £30,000 worth of equipment across the two refits, saving our client a small fortune in new equipment. Some of the equipment recovered was not utilised during the refit and remains safe in Young’s storage, ready for use in any future refurbishments or developments.

Finally, we were responsible for reinstalling the refurbished equipment, as well as the new items necessitated by the layouts of the bars. The result was a pair of shiny new bars that perfectly complement their scenic riverside locations – all at a fraction of the cost that would have been incurred by purchasing new equipment.

Both of the refits were overseen by Quantity Surveying and Project Management firm PSE Associates. As their Quantity Surveyor Justin Buckwell explains, all involved were more than happy with the results we achieved, the products we installed and the overall quality of our service:

I’ve worked with Servaclean for over 18 years on many projects. Servaclean are market leaders in their field and their product range and customer service levels are impeccable. Their products are of the highest quality and, even after years of use, they can be re-used again and again when reconfiguring and refurbishing a bar area thus becoming extremely cost effective.

Justin Buckwell, Quantity Surveyor at PSE Associates.

Servaclean Bar Systems are experts in planning and installing new bars, as well as refurbishments and refits.  If your bar is in need of a refresh, we’re here to help. To find out more about our services and range of products, contact us today by calling us on 01274 390038 or sending us an email at

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