How Staycations Can Unlock the Hospitality Industry’s Potential

How Staycations Can Unlock the Hospitality Industry’s Potential

As the cost of living crisis continues to impact individuals and families, the hospitality industry faces both challenges and opportunities. 

In the search for affordable local getaways, the importance of pubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels cannot be underestimated. With economic uncertainties, the rise of staycations offers a great chance for these businesses to adapt and thrive. 

Servaclean are experts in designing custom commercial bars. Our team of skilled bar designers not only focus on the layout and installation of your bar, but also prioritise meeting the specific operational needs of your business.

In this blog, we will discuss how we can help you to embrace the staycation trend and meet the changing demands of customers in these financially challenging times.

Provide Cosy and Inviting Spaces

To attract people who want to relax near their homes, bars should consider design elements ranging from comfortable seating arrangements to soothing lighting. Creating a warm and cosy atmosphere will appeal to staycationers seeking a break from their daily routines.

If you are working with a limited space, Servaclean ensure that you can efficiently accommodate customers and enhance overall bar operations. We proudly offer a FREE bar planning service, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered to create a welcoming and functional space tailored specifically to your needs.

Invest in an Outdoor Area

You may not have a venue looking out onto the Mediterranean, but if you are lucky enough to have a business in one of the UKs beauty hotspots, you should make the most of the upcoming summer months by providing a permanent outdoor bar setting.

In addition to providing additional seating and the chance to host events, which can boost revenue, this space is also adaptable throughout various seasons. For example, it can offer shade in the summer or cosy heating options later into the year.

Our team of experts can assist you in turning your visions into reality and making the most of your outdoor area. Whether you’re looking to create a beer garden, rooftop bar, or a hotel terrace bar, we are available to help you with your outdoor bar project.

Consider a Second Bar

The surge in staycations is expected to result in a more bustling hospitality industry, prompting you to explore efficient ways to cater to customers. This is where having a second bar, whether it is a permanent bar or mobile bar, can prove to be a practical solution. By having a second bar, you can reduce waiting times for customers and enable your team to serve more quickly, ultimately boosting sales and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Servacleans MOVERBar offers the same level of quality and functionality as a Servaclean full bar system, but with the added convenience of being a stainless steel bar on wheels. With MOVERBar, you have the flexibility to relocate it to any desired spot. Whether it’s serving customers in your outdoor area or hosting a special event at a different location within your venue, MOVERBar ensures you can adapt to any situation with ease.

Serve Innovative and Local Drinks

By offering unique specialty cocktails and exclusive signature drinks, you can provide your customers with an exclusive experience that transports them to another place.

When it comes to innovation, Servaclean’s cocktail bar station provides the perfect solution to guarantee an ultimate cocktail to impress your customers. Each element has been carefully crafted to provide an outstanding experience for your bar staff, mixologists, and customers.

If your patrons prefer something closer to home, you could embrace the unique tastes of the community. By collaborating with nearby breweries and distilleries, bars have the opportunity to not only stay ahead of the competition but also play a significant role in promoting and supporting local businesses.

Cost Efficient Commercial Bar Solutions

At Servaclean, we pride ourselves on being experts in commercial bar design and collaborate closely with you to understand your specific bar needs. 

With our bar layout design service, we guarantee that every element fits perfectly and is strategically placed for maximum efficiency behind the bar. 

Even after years of use, our high-quality materials can be easily reconfigured and reused when refurbishing your bar area, making our bar systems incredibly cost-effective.

If you would like to know more about how Servaclean could assist your business in making the most of the staycation trend during the cost of living crisis, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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