Get Ready for a Jam-Packed Summer of Sports 2024: Tips for Bar Owners

Get Ready for a Jam-Packed Summer of Sports 2024: Tips for Bar Owners

This summer, there’s a host of exciting sports events happening all at once!  With the Olympics, Euros and Wimbledon coming together, bars have a fantastic chance to attract sports fans.  As people head to bars to catch these thrilling events, it’s crucial for bar owners to be well-prepared.  Here are some simple tips to ensure your bar is ready to serve the crowds quickly and keep everyone happy.

First up, the Olympics are all about global sportsmanship.  Make sure your bar is stocked with popular drinks and maybe create special cocktails inspired by different countries.  Having a variety of drinks will keep your customers interested.  Also, make sure your bar is set up so that your staff can serve drinks fast, especially during busy times. A second bar, whether outside, folding or mobile could be the answer to deal with the increased demand during busy periods.  Efficient service is key to keeping the excitement going!

Next, the UEFA European Championship brings together football fans from different nations. Decorate your bar with soccer-themed stuff and be ready to serve drinks quickly during the games. Offer special deals on popular snacks and make it easy for customers to order.  Having a great TV setup is important too, so everyone can see the action clearly.  It will get busy before, at half time and after so are you prepared for the rush periods?

Wimbledon, the fancy tennis tournament, adds a touch of class to the summer.  Make your bar feel classy by offering special cocktails and promoting traditional Wimbledon foods.  Keep the atmosphere relaxed, so people can enjoy the matches comfortably.

As the sports fever takes over, use social media to let everyone know about your bar’s special deals and the fun atmosphere.  Share pictures and updates to get people excited.  Encourage customers to book tables ahead of time so things run smoothly and everyone has a good time.

In a nutshell, this summer is a fantastic chance for bars to shine.  By making sure you have enough drinks, serving quickly, and creating a lively atmosphere, your bar can be the go-to spot for a summer of awesome sports moments.  It’s not just about the games—it’s about giving people a great experience that keeps them coming back for more.  Cheers to a winning summer for bar owners!

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Images – Legends Sports Bar – Aberdeen (Top Image), Stoke City Football Club (Image 1), Taylors Restaurant & Sports Bar – Eastbourne (image 2)

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