Deep Clean your Servaclean bar ready for re-opening

Deep Clean your Servaclean bar ready for re-opening

Caring for your bar has never been as easy with these helpful tips from our team.

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After use wipe with a soft soapy cloth, rinse and wipe dry. In hard water areas drying is particularly important in avoiding water marks and any build up of water-borne deposits. Remember that, whilst stainless steel is a very durable material, the surface can be scratched by hard or sharp objects or by using the wrong cleaning materials.

A soft cloth is recommended. Avoid coarse grit scouring powders or soap filled wire wool cleaning pads, as both will mark the surface and could contaminate the stainless steel surface. Always remove cleaning aids (cloths, containers etc.) from the stainless steel surface, avoiding the formation of water markings, stains or in the case of bleach containers, corrosive pitting.

Other Servaclean components are dip-coated in ‘Rilsan Nylon II’ – an extremely high quality superpolyamide. Rilsan’ which will tolerate temperatures in excess of 100°C. Under normal conditions, boiling water and steam will have no adverse effect on the material. Clean ‘Rilsan’ surfaces using hand-hot water with a mild detergent added if necessary. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE PADS OR SCOURING POWDERS/CREAMS as they may damage the gloss finish of the ‘Rilsan’ coating.

Staining of stainless steel is due to deposits on the steel rather than faults in the material itself. The most common cause of staining are water-borne deposits, often seen as a rainbow effect, which can be avoided by drying the surface after use.

Stainless steel surfaces are acid sensitive – DO NOT USE ANY BLEACH OR VINEGAR BASED CLEANING PRODUCTS as these will cause longterm damage to your Servaclean products. Fruit juices, foodstuffs, damp salt, vinegar, readymade mustards, pickle and mayonnaise can cause pitting and corrosion if left in contact over long periods.

If you would like to know more about how to look after your Servaclean bar, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

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