A Servaclean Bar is For Life… Not Just Once in a Flood!

A Servaclean Bar is For Life… Not Just Once in a Flood!

The Boxing Day floods of 2015 saw three Servaclean installations flooded.

Servaclean’s re-use service meant that we recovered all three installations during January 2016. We then ultrasonically cleaned all components and safely stored all three bars separately in our warehouse in Bradford until the venues had dried out. Once the venues had laid new flooring, our Installation Team revisited site and installed the refurbished bars. Re-installation of the bars at all three venues were completed by June 2016 at a fraction of the cost for a new bar counter.

Below we take a look at one of these bars in more detail, explaining the process.

The Trout Hotel

The Trout Hotel in Cockermouth was completely washed-out in the Cumbrian floods on Boxing Day in 2015 and shows a perfect example of Servaclean’s Re-use Service and the substantial savings that can be made.

As soon as the filthy flood water had subsided, Servaclean’s fitters moved in to dismantle and uplift the two ‘BARFrame’ structures & fitments. Every individual component – bar sinks, shelves, ice chests and even the bottle openers – were then ultrasonically cleaned before being returned to Servaclean’s Bradford works for quality inspection, refurbishment and safe storage ready for re-installation as part of the building repair and refurbishment programme.

The total bill was less than 25% of the cost of providing new replacement bars.

We originally supplied new bars at The Trout Hotel in October 2003. The venue was flooded in December 2009, and again in December 2015, so our equipment has survived two floods and will survive more if required.

How our system survives the floods

The screw-together, stainless steel structure and polymer coated fitments can easily be dismantled, cleaned and refurbished to an “as new” condition, saving thousands of pounds from the cost of replacing with new.

We are experienced in working with venues which have suffered with extensive flood damage and understand the stress involved in re-opening your business.

If you would like to know more about our system or regularly struggle with flooded bars, costing you thousands each time to start from new, please contact us on 01274 390038 – we are here to help.



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