Tony Is 70!

Tony Is 70!

Happy 70th Birthday Tony

Tony, our Technical Manager, has been involved with Servaclean since it was founded in August 1988, his experience & knowledge of the company and its product range is unrivalled.  The Directors, Deana & Andy, would like to take this opportunity to thank him wholeheartedly for his commitment and dedication to the business throughout the years.

Whilst eating birthday buns and admiring the balloon and banners in Tony’s office, we sat down with him for a chat and this is what he said:

How does it feel to be 70?

I have never really worried about getting older as each so-called milestone birthday arrived. This one does seem slightly different though, as many people around me are wanting to make it special. I am very fortunate to be still in good health and can keep active so I can still do most of the things I have always done, just a little slower and more carefully. Growing old is part of life and overall, I feel ok about being 70!

What has been the best thing about working at Servaclean for all these years?

Having been involved with Servaclean since August 1988 I would have to say the variety of work is the thing that keeps every day interesting. From project drawings on CAD and product development to costings and purchasing no two days are the same. There is a particularly good working environment, and everybody pulls together to ensure the customer gets the best possible service.

What is the biggest change you have seen in business since when Servaclean started?

The market into which we sell our products. When Servaclean first started most of the business was about supplying traditional pubs and nightclubs. Everybody will have seen how the pub market has dwindled over the years with many pubs closing their doors for good, but other markets have opened up in the shape of cocktail bars and more recently outside drinking spaces. Servaclean has had to adapt to those new markets and although fundamentally they are still bars, they have quite different operational needs.

What do you have planned for your birthday?

Not wishing to sound anti-social I generally wouldn’t appreciate being made the centre of attention at a large party-type celebration. I am not anti-social by the way and I will celebrate with my wife of 42 years, my two sons and their partners and my two grandchildren by enjoying a meal locally. My wife and I are then going to London for a week to do touristy things and perhaps find some hidden gems that we have missed on previous flying visits.

Is there anything you would like to achieve in the next few years you haven’t yet done?

I would like to fully retire at some point. I semi-retired for a couple of years before the pandemic, which was nice and gave me a feel for what I could be doing with extra leisure days, but I am now back full-time for the time being. I have no burning ambition yet to fulfil and I am totally happy with the way my life is at the moment. I have a lovely family; I am in good health, and I can still contribute to the workplace.

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