Servaclean’s Channel Islands Case Studies

Servaclean’s Channel Islands Case Studies

At Servaclean, we are dedicated to manufacturing and installing high-quality commercial bar designs that not only look great but can improve the efficiency of bar operations and increase profitability.

Every bar is individually designed to ensure that optimum functionality and style go hand in hand. We have supplied premium bar counters and facilities to various restaurants, hotels and pubs in the Channel Islands.

Here are some of our standout projects:

Pêtchi Restaurant & Bar, Jersey

Nestled on the picturesque island of Jersey, Pêtchi is a restaurant that embodies the essence of the sea.  Led by the talented and island-raised chef Joe Baker, who has earned recognition as a finalist on the Great British Menu, Pêtchi takes pride in its thoughtfully curated menu that showcases responsibly sourced produce.

Servaclean manufactured and installed a bar counter with an integrated glasswash system. The Glasswash System boasts convenient features including designated used glassware area, waste liquid utility bowl and mess-free glassware basket loading. Tailored for busy venues, it handles peak trading periods effortlessly.

The addition of Servaclean’s Kitchen Food Preparation and Pass Counter has empowered Pêtchi to offer a variety of seafood dishes and small plates to guests, guaranteeing a delightful experience.

The Beach Club Restaurant, Jersey

The Beach Club stands as a captivating Mediterranean-style bar and restaurant courtesy of Jersey’s hospitality group, Axis Mason for Randalls.  This venue was designed to provide a laid-back and welcoming beach atmosphere for the locals.  With a focus on delivering high-quality food and drink, The Beach Club boasts a unique selection of materials and finishes, such as weathered timber panelling, Millboard, terrazzo, and rattan.

To enhance the service experience, Servaclean proudly produced and delivered the foyer bar counter with an integral glasswash facility, ensuring that every beach-style drink is served with refreshing perfection.

Les Ormes Resort, Jersey

Les Ormes is a lavish leisure and self-catering resort on Jersey.  What sets it apart is that it is run by a charitable organisation, ensuring that the profits generated go towards supporting various charities on the island.

With a range of facilities, including indoor and outdoor pools, restaurant, golf course and luxury accommodation, Les Ormes offers an unforgettable experience for its guests.

To enhance their dining experience, Servaclean proudly provided the resort’s on-site restaurant and function suite with a state-of-the-art bar counter featuring integral glasswash facilities.

With our unique modular bar system, you have the freedom to create a bar that is truly one-of-a-kind.  All Servaclean fitments are interchangeable and have a reputation for product longevity, allowing everything to be easily reconfigured when you feel like giving your bar a fresh new look.

Prince of Wales, Guernsey

Servaclean was thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the renovation of the bar and restaurant spaces on two levels of the renowned Prince of Wales in Guernsey.

For each level, Servaclean designed, manufacture and supplied a unique under bar counter with a 304-grade stainless-steel frame structure and fitments that included a glasswash station.  The bars were beautifully decorated with a custom design, showcasing a combination of various tiles, composite stone, and fluted timber panelling supplied by others.

The Prince of Wales in St Peter Port is a well-loved pub and restaurant.  Their menu features stylish and contemporary dishes made with local ingredients, all at a great price. The atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming and on weekends the place really comes alive, making it the perfect spot for a fun night out in town.

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