Mobile Bars

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MOVERBAR Mobile Bar Equipment

MOVERBar is the ideal mobile bar station for any venue or event including  outdoor mobile bars, wedding bars and functions. A stainless steel mobile bar on wheels, MOVERBar offers the same high quality operating benefits of a Servaclean fixed bar system on a sturdy, easy-to-manoeuvre portable base, whatever you event.

Bespoke Bar Systems

Our bespoke mobile bar designs mean you get a versatile modular bar system that combines all the bar fittings you need. MOVERBar is the portable bar designed to meet your specific operating requirements from mobile cocktail stations, drink mixing, beer dispense, coffee service, cooler cabinets etc.

Mobile Bar Benefits:

•  Portable, food quality stainless steel chassis and ‘BARFrame’ structure.

•  Heavy duty swivel castors with bonded tyres and brakes for stability when serving.

•  Large selection of purpose designed fitments to meet any operating requirement for beers, cocktails and coffee service.

•  Standard two and three compartment units or custom sizes available.

•  Choose from our standard range of counter top and decorative cladding or add your own choice.

The units can be supplied complete with one of Servaclean’s wide range of external panel finishes, in lightweight Aluminium Composite (Iribond), Oak or Stainless Steel and with Company Logos screen printed on the front and side panels to enhance branding if required.  Alternatively units can be provided unclad ready for fitting with the customer’s own decorative panelling materials.

All units incorporate a heavy gauge stainless steel chassis with double ball race swivel castors having 100mm diameter bonded rubber tyres and brakes on the server’s side for stability when serving. A stainless steel BARFrame structure is bolted to the chassis to provide support and fixings for the customer’s choice of Servaclean fitments, Counter Top and decorative Front and Side Panelling.

MOVERBar is suitable for outside storage and can be supplied with weatherproof protective storage covers manufactured from reinforced PVC.

Lead Time for the delivery of your MOVERBar is typically 4 weeks.

MOVERBar Designed for You

This page illustrates a selection of the most popular modules and standard finishes.

Tell us your operating needs and we’ll design a ‘MOVERBar’ to do exactly what you want it to do.

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